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March 2007

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Let's face it--you're not really interested in this.

Hello! I've been hanging around in the shadows on this site for a long while, and I figured it was time I finally created an actual account.

So here I am! I'm Fionn Fael, which, if you're wondering, means "white wolf" in Gaelic. (I'm of Celtic descent, hence the corresponding ancient language.) I respond to other names, though, such as: Bay (my main real-life nickname), BM (my initials, which happen to be the same as the abbreviation for "bowel movement"), Amazon, Fiend, Face, as well as the easier "you there" or "hey, simpleton".

Anyway, to cut this ramble-fest short, this is just sort of an introductory page. You see, I'm not so good at creating icons or intrigue, so I probably won't post many blog updates, seeing as no one wants to read them. Most of my time here on LJ will be spent commenting in communites or shamelessly wearing other peoples' icons (with comments and credit, of course!). Thank you. Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow!


Hey there =) I have actually been wondering the same thing. I love the icon as well, but I have never been able to find who made it. It's really a bummer... If you find out, you must tell me ^^;

By the way, it wouldn't let me respond to your message, so I did so here ^^;
Oh, okay. Thanks! I just didn't want to steal it without asking first. But since you're using it and aren't sure of the creator either, I suppose it's acceptable for me to use it, too. :)
Hi there! Just popping in to ask if you mind being assaulted with the friendship stick. (I.E, can I add you?) You seem quite sweet, and we seem to share an interest in diagnosing characters with various things, so yeah! Let me know. :D
Oh, by all means, please do assault me! I'm quite the masochist for the friendship stick...? Yes! :3
Hi there! LJ says it's your birthday, so I just wanted to wish you a happy one!